Tree Climbing?

Recreational Tree Climbing became popular in the Southeast United States in the mid 1980's and has since spread throughout the world.  Climbing a tree on rope is safe and fun!  A special "Magic Knot" is tied using arborist ropes that can hold thousands of pounds.  The Magic Knot allows you to capture upward progress, and when the time is right it permits your safe descent back to the ground.

Here are just a few of the lasting benefits of tree climbing:
  • Climbers of all ages discover an increased appreciation for nature and ecosystems - especially trees!
  • Climbers overcome their fears in a safe and supportive environment. Each climber ends up feeling like they accomplished something incredible no matter how high they go!
  • Tree climbing is a great small group activity where climbers support and encourage one another thereby building self confidence and group identity/unity.
  • You don't have to be an athlete, or super-strong, or extra-coordinated to climb trees on rope. In fact children and adults with disabilities can often climb on their own power. There are setups that favor arms, or legs, and mechanical advantage systems can be used by those who aren't as strong.
  • Recreational tree climbing does not harm the tree and with a little care can easily abide by Leave No Trace principles.
  • Tree climbing programs have a stellar safety record.  In over 30 years as an organized activity, with over 500,000 climbers worldwide, there have been no notable injuries in the sport.
Check out the videos below or the pictures in our Tree Climbing Gallery to get a better sense of what to expect and how fun tree time is for kids and adults!

Here are some campers explaining what they love about climbing trees.

What is Recreational Tree Climbing

This 9 minute videos shows the educational benefits of getting kids into the trees.  I love the kids' descriptions of what they learn while climbing.

Here's a beautiful description of why this famous canopy scientist loves to climb trees.

Climbing a Tree from KUER's VideoWest/RadioWest on Vimeo.

Lots of scientific research takes place in the tree tops.  The next two videos highlights the work of Dr. Steve Sillett who measures Coast Redwoods and models the effect of climate change on these 1000-year old trees.

This video shows some of the first Recreational Tree Climbers who got the sport going in the 1980's.  There are all types of tree climbers, but one thing ties us all together and that is our love, appreciation, and enjoyment of trees. 

Rope and harness tree climbing programs are great for adventure-based summer camps, forward-thinking parks and rec departments, outreach-driven nature centers, public and private schools focused on experiential learning, scout troops... the list of organizations that can benefit from tree climbing is endless!

If your organization is interested in starting a tree climbing program please send an email to [email protected]!  Piedmont Recreational Tree Climbing is fully insured.  We are headquartered in Mebane, NC and serve the Triangle and Triad Region of the North Carolina Piedmont.

Click here for links showing how camps, towns, nature centers, etc are implementing tree climbing programs.