Tree climbing programs growing throughout the US.

Camp-Based tree climbing programs

Camp Fontanelle, Nebraska

Deer Crossing Camp, Redwood City, CA

Camp Cherith Hunt, NY (Finger Lakes region)

Camp Cavell, Lexington, MI

Camp Albemarle, Wilmington NC

Camp Manitoqua, Frankfurt, Illinois

Camp Barney, GA

Camp Shaw, Northern Illinois

Whippoorwill camp, Fernvale TN

Camp Moshava, Honesdale PA

Town/City Parks and Recreation Based Tree Climbing Programs

Olathe Park and Recreation, Olathe, KS

River House Outdoor Program, City of Eugene, Oregon

Sawnee Mountain Preserve, Forsyth County Georgia

Panola Mountain State Park, Ga

Nature Center/Outfitter/etc tree climbing programs

Riveredge Nature Center, Colorado

Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsyvania

University Based Tree Climbing Programs

Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Public or Private schools with tree climbing programs

Maple wood Richmond Heights School