Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Welcome to the digital home of Piedmont Recreational Tree Climbing!  Our mission is to introduce people to tree climbing as a way to appreciate nature, grow in confidence, get fresh air and exercise, and meet other neat people who love the outdoors.

We have facilitated group climbs at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, the NC Botanical Gardens, and many local parks.  We are also available to host private climbs for kids, adults, and organizations.

As a member of the Global Organization of Tree Climbing (GOTC), we adhere to the principles of safe, ethical, and responsible recreational tree climbing promoted by GOTC.  If you are interested in learning more please contact Patrick Brandt, founder of PRTC, at

See you in the trees!

About Patrick

I got into the world of recreational tree climbing with the arrival of my first New Tribe recreational saddle and gear kit in of 2011.  Since then I have climbed more than 100 trees of all kinds and introduced dozens of people to the joys of recreational tree climbing.  I love nature, I love teaching, and I love seeing people overcome their fears and ascend into the magical world of the forest canopy.

I have led public tree climbs for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, the NC Botanical Gardens, and for numerous youth groups.  In 2014 I helped David Reese, of National Geographic's show "Going Deep with David Reese",  climb a huge Magnolia tree in the front yard of his boyhood home.

I have been in the tree with climbers from all across North America including Peter Treeman Jenkins ("Father" of recreational tree climbing), Canopy Meg Lowman (California Academy of Sciences), Tim Kovar (Founder of Tree Climbing Planet), Andrew Joslin, Duane Hook, Walter Haulenbeek, Wiley Stone, Richard Mumford, Bob Wray (Founder of Blue Ridge Tree Climbing) and many other great climber friends.  Every time I climb with someone else I learn new and valuable information about how I can be a better climber.

Some of my favorite people to climb trees with are not actually people.  I have rescued more than 50 cats that have been stuck in trees, some 80 feet high and some that have been unable to get down for more than a week!  Intrigued?  Check out the helmet cam videos at

My formal recreational tree climbing instruction began with Peter Treeman Jenkins of Tree Climbers International in 2011 and includes facilitator training in 2015 with Bill Maher of Tree Trek Exploration.  Click here for my climbing resume.